Jasmine Vine is a full service event company that plans and
coordinates Weddings in America and Sri Lanka. 

Wedding ceremonies in the United States or Sri Lanka

For Buddhists and Hindus, a Poruwa or Mandap is the focal point of a ceremony filled with rituals and customs handed down through generations. For Christians and Muslims, after the religious ceremony, the addition of cultural elements such as oil lamps, garlands, and traditional drummers and dancers during the wedding reception serve as a thread that connects the couple through the generations.

Couples who do not wish to have any cultural or religious affirmations at the ceremony, can have a Justice of Peace conduct a ceremony that has more spiritual and philosophical elements.

Each ceremony and celebration can be formal or informal and is designed to combine the elements that are most significant and important to the couple. We revel in your excitement of getting married in an awe-inspiring destination, of the anticipation of the honeymoon, and the passion of a romantic escape.